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How Mad Focused Came To Be


Mad Focused was born when our founder Reb Carlson found herself pregnant and unemployed at the height of COVID-19 in NYC. Having spent over a decade providing marketing strategy for the world's largest brands, she wanted to leverage her expertise to help individual people who needed to pivot their business. As she took on freelance clients, she realized the importance of not only providing great marketing strategy, but helping the people she was working with identify their goals, focus on their priorities and let their personal values be their guide.

After spending many years trying to balance her professional career with creative pursuits, Reb understands firsthand the challenges working creatives face when trying to foster their talents and balance their personal and professional lives. "Mad Focused" is about continuing to find inspiration and passion everywhere, yet still maintain focus on opportunities that will drive the most impact. In a world that demands transparency and authenticity, Mad Focused helps clients and all working creatives to intuitively put forth their best selves professionally while not losing sight of the passions that drive them in the first place.

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