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A fun, interactive session to get ideas flowing. 

Have an upcoming online campaign that needs content, or are you just starting out developing your content plan? In this session, you'll receive initial recommendations to optimize your content based on a light audit, exercises to unlock ideas, and actionable recommendations to alleviate any current pain points in content development.


A rapid-fire workshop to nail your brand.

Your personal brand and your business brand aren't necessarily the same. It can be challenging to distinguish between the two and both are important: one establishes you as the founder, and the other makes your business stand out. This Q&A style working session will set you on the right track.


An in-depth and insightful custom report.

Launching a new brand, expanding your product, or wondering how you're going to drive sales? In this session you'll get to kick back, relax, and enjoy the show as a customized presentation is presented to you highlighting the current market landscape for your vertical, what other brands are doing, and how you can differentiate.


Ongoing access to personal marketing expertise.

Receive customized social marketing insights, marketing strategy, and planning recommendations for your personal or professional brand.  Whether on a one-time basis or weekly check-in, receive personal recommendations tailored to your creative business based on custom research, insights, and industry expertise.

1. Before your first session, you'll fill out a strategic brief about yourself and your business. 

2. Research and recommendations will be developed before the call in order to make the most of each session. 

3. At each session's conclusion, you'll receive a customized plan within the hour of next steps and action items.


Trusted and experienced partners to advocate for you and your brand.

Whether you’re a public figure, entrepreneur, artist, or growing content creator, it can be challenging prioritizing opportunities and navigating negotiations, let alone ensuring a successful delivery for your clients. With over 14 years of experience in influencer marketing, celebrity partnerships, brand deal negotiations, and content creator management, Reb Carlson will personally collaborate and represent you by managing your communications, negotiating partnership deals, and supporting content and deliverable development every step of the way. 

To ensure affordability at every step of a working creative’s career, a sliding price scale is available with a starting rate at $75/hour and/or 10% commission.

Services: Features


Available on both project basis and retainer. Inquire for a customized quote.

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  • Content Strategy & Creative Development

  • Social Media Planning

  • Digital & Social Architecture Optimization

  • Audience Engagement Strategy

  • Partnership Strategy & Negotiations

  • Business Strategy & Planning

  • Goals & KPI Setting

  • Marketing Strategy & Development

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